Book Note: The Birth of Criminology

The Birth of Criminology: Readings from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Bruce DiCristina (ed.)

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (2012)

DiCristina has edited and compiled a review of formative essays in the field of criminology arranged into several divisions based upon the criminological school of thought they fall within. He adds his own editorial comments and introductions in order to provide context and an overview of each author and school of thought.

This work is a reasonably helpful resource for those seeking introductory information on this topic. Web addresses are provided for several sources of free books and essays by some of these same authors where available in digital format on the Web. DiCristina’s analysis and editorial additions are balanced and do much to shed light on the essays. One item that would have added some greater context would have been the addition of contemporary critiques or criticisms of the various essays and authors both from within and outside of the field of criminology (aside from the comments of the editor). This feature could have been incorporated into DiCristina’s comments although it may have changed the tone and/or scope of the volume. All in all, the book represents a good collection for those delving into this topic.

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