Language Generator Mimics Fifty Shades’ Dummy Prose: Is There a Lesson Here for Legal Publishing?

Powering this software “generator” appears to require more human effort and input than People’s headline lets on though it is nonetheless amusing. The text result reads something like remedial freshman poetry (perhaps the inexact nature of the program’s vocabulary inadvertently mimics the abstractions and allusions of amateurish verse).

I do wonder what the corporate publishing world is making of this. If the executives indeed believe that words are cheaper and less meaningful than pennies, the answer may be painfully obvious.

Kennedy-Era Apps Power IRS Systems

While publishers and information providers chase new technologies to rework or transform their capabilities, we learn that the IRS relies upon software applications in use during the Kennedy Administration.

Tip of the hat to ATR. (However, I wonder if this is as “bad” a thing as ATR believes.)

Donna Reed raises her TV family while the IRS tests its still existing (2015) software

While Donna Reed raised her TV family, the IRS was usingĀ its still existing (2015) software