Curiosity from the Stone (Pre-Cameraphone) Age: Circa 1996

From a June 1996 opinion column in MIT’s The Tech newspaper (“…the first newspaper published on the web”):

I know people can currently take pictures of public things and public people and use them as they please. But usually there is some courtesy attached to photography…if someone asks me to leave them out of a picture, I oblige. Also, when someone else is using a camera, you can gingerly avoid the field of view…..I’m not suggesting Web cameras should be banned from public places. Not yet. I do think we should establish a norm of courtesy whereby people would, out of deference to others, keep these cameras to themselves.”

Lessons? Among them would seem to be that standards of behavior and etiquette evolve quickly with technological advances—and not necessarily for the better.

If you are wondering, the very first camera phone was introduced in 1996, according to Wikipedia at least, which was of course launched in 2001.

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