Covering Tax Reform (and Patents)….Oh My!

There is nothing quite like returning from vacation to a once-in-31-years, nearly 500-page tax bill needing quick attention (and needing a neat, tidy incorporation into my existing tax publication totaling over 2000 print and digital pages). If that isn’t sufficient, patents, first-to-file, the AIA, and the subsequent case law are thrown in for good measure here in 2018.

A “Happy New Year” to all.

Kennedy-Era Apps Power IRS Systems

While publishers and information providers chase new technologies to rework or transform their capabilities, we learn that the IRS relies upon software applications in use during the Kennedy Administration.

Tip of the hat to ATR. (However, I wonder if this is as “bad” a thing as ATR believes.)

Donna Reed raises her TV family while the IRS tests its still existing (2015) software

While Donna Reed raised her TV family, the IRS was using its still existing (2015) software