American Law Reports (A.L.R.) Celebrates 100 Years in April

The inimitable A.L.R. series of law books published by West (now Thomson Reuters) turns 100 this year. Its narratives, published regularly, that analyze, classify, explain and digest American case law on very narrow legal issues has been an icon of law publishing for many years already. So many great people in law publishing have played a part in its success, quality, and prominence. Many still are.

And, of course, Corpus Juris/Corpus Juris Secundum turns 108 in 2019. American Jurisprudence, 2d is 83. All of them great Rochester, Twin Cities, and one-time Brooklyn/Westbury, N.Y. publications.


Do Not Preserve Installment 3: Henrietta’s Dormitory Prison

This third excursion into the world of architectural monstrosities that shouldn’t be preserved involves a degree of rule-breaking since today’s featured site is not terribly old.  However, due to its ironic location, I can hardly resist casting it into the darkness of Monroe County light.

Resting uncomfortably next to the Monroe County Jail is the Monroe Community College dorm complex.  Suffice it to say it looks to the casual observer to be an expansion development intended to house Monroe’s jailbirds in space and comfort although certainly not style.

As with the Hall of Justice, one cannot help wondering if the design elements of the prison-like student apartments were intentional or just one of the County’s many quirky projects.  In either case, students, inmates and passers-by are reminded of the unpleasant similarities between the different formal categories of institutional life.