The “Real-Time” Digital Law Encyclopedia

Bloomberg announced a new, online bankruptcy law treatise featuring frequent updates and revisions and shepherded by an editorial board, expert bankruptcy judges and attorneys, and in-house Bloomberg staff. It appears to be more interactive than other such sources and has at least the beginnings of a litigation drafting service. See Jean O’Grady’s comments (“Toss the Pocket Parts..”, December 4) for a full discussion from a librarian’s perspective. What remains to be seen: overlapping questions as to the quality of this gigantic tome and whether an “expert” work crowdsourced to this extent is particularly helpful or internally consistent.

Commoditization of Legal Information Products

Has legal information been commoditized? A 3 Geeks and a Law Blog post tackles this issue. It would certainly seem that primary source material has been commoditized and even some secondary source material may be on its way to widget status as editorial budgets are cut.

Robert McKay in a comment to the post writes:

I think they (i.e. the large publishers) may have lost their ability to develop non-commoditized content while not having the vision to exploit the primary sources.